5-Year Accelerated Program

Do you want to pursue advanced education beyond your Bachelor’s degree that will enhance your attractiveness to employers but you are short on time and money?

Consider applying for our Accelerated BA/MS in Criminology and Criminal Justice!

If accepted, you will be able to earn a Bachelor’s in Criminology and a Master’s in Criminal Justice in just five years. For accepted students, two graduate courses will double-count as two 300-level undergraduate courses, allowing students the opportunity to complete both degrees in less time and for less money than pursuing the degrees separately.

What will the five- year BA/MS program provide beyond my Bachelor’s Degree?

  • Graduates will not only gain advanced knowledge in the causes and treatment of criminal behavior, but also be able to critique theories of crime and the intervention models developed to address criminal behavior.
  • Graduates will be able to analyze and evaluate data relevant to criminal justice policies and programs.
  • Graduates will have advanced knowledge of criminal justice and juvenile justice agency policies and practices that work best to decrease crime and recidivism.

Who can apply and How?

Students can apply for admission to the Five Year Accelerated B.A./M.S. in the Spring of their junior year of study.

In order to be eligible students must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  1. Completed 81 earned credit hours by the end of the Fall semester of their junior year. At least 15 credits must have been earned at Central
  2. Completed CRM 322 (research methods) and a statistics course with at least a B-
  3. Have at least a 3.30 cumulative grade point average
  4. Have at least a 3.00 grade point average in Criminology courses

How to Apply

Students will need to submit a resume, essay describing why they want to obtain an accelerated degree and how it will aid their career aspirations, and one recommendation letter from a Central Criminology professor by March 1st of their junior year. 

Students should email the following application requirements to the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Cubellis (macubellis@ccsu.edu): 

  1. completed https://docs.ccsu.edu/Change_of_Major.pdf (selecting accelerated program option)
  2. essay
  3. resume
  4. letter of recommendation

Central transcripts will be obtained automatically by the Graduate Program Director. Applications will be reviewed after the March 1st closing date.