Criminology Internships

CRM 435: Supervised Field Studies in Criminal Justice

Course Overview

  • Apply your classroom knowledge and gain relevant experience in the field.
  • Develop professional relationships with CJ practitioners and agencies.
  • Set the stage for a successful career in the CJ field.

Course Requirements

  • Complete minimum of 120 unpaid hours working with a CJ or related agency. Hours must be completed while you are enrolled in CRM 435.
  • Attend mandatory classes and complete all assigned coursework.
  • Earn 3 credits upon satisfactory completion of course requirements.

Course Prerequisites

  • A major in Criminology with a C- or better in CRM 322
  • A minimum of 86 earned credits by the start of internship
  • Over GPA > 2.0 (good academic standing)

Internship Opportunities

Sample list of Criminal Justice Internship Sites

This is a sample list – it does not include all placements and/or agencies that accept interns. Agencies on this list are not guaranteed to have internship opportunities. For specific contact information and further instructions for any agency, please see the Internship Director. Placement opportunities not on this list must be approved by an Internship Director. Student evaluations of previous internship experiences are available in RVAC 208.

State Agencies

Offender Services

Victim Services

Local Law Enforcement

More than 20 different police departments have hosted interns. Please see the Internship Director for a more complete list.

Federal Law Enforcement


Internship Contact

Dr. Kimberly Meyer
Director of Field Studies
RVAC, Room 408 

Contact Information

Jessica Lloyd
Criminology & Criminal Justice
Reginald Simmons
Professor and Chair
Criminology & Criminal Justice
R.C. Vance Academic Center