Billing Information

(information about eBilling.)

Registered students are billed in June with payment due July 15th for the Fall term, and in November with payment due December 15th for the Spring term. Incoming and continuing students registering after these dates will be billed once course registration is completed. Payments for Summer and Winter terms are due during registration.

Students who do not pay bills by the due date may be subject to penalties and loss of University privileges including:

  • Withholding of University services, course registration, or other official papers
  • Prevention of re-admission until unpaid financial obligation and re-registration fee are paid in full
  • Cancellation of on-campus housing
  • Denial of future course registration
  • Cancellation of all classes in which you were previously enrolled
    • re-registration into those classes is not guaranteed
    • will be on a course availability basis only, and
    • subject to a $100 non-refundable re-registration fee
  • $50.00 late fee
  • Revocation of student status
  • Referral of the unpaid financial obligation to the University's contracted collection agency. The student is responsible for any additional collection costs
  1. Financial Aid Credit
    Billing statements will show an anticipated credit against charges for students receiving Central administered financial aid awards. Students registering for 12 academic credits a semester receive 100% of their award from the Financial Aid Office. Students registering for fewer than 12 credits receive a pro-rated financial aid award. Students whose aid does not cover all charges must pay any balance by the due date. Any aid exceeding the billed charges will be refunded to students after the term begins.
    Note: If financial aid is cancelled or decreased after a student is given credit on their account, the student is responsible for paying the credit amount.
  2. Alternative Loans 
    Contact the Financial Aid Office to learn about application procedures for alternative student loans. Once your loan is approved, a credit for the approved amount will be applied to your charges. When the loan is distributed, the actual amount received is paid to your charges and any remaining amount owed is the student's responsibility.
  3. Scholarships 
    Scholarship Information
  4. Central Payment Plan (CPP)
    Enroll in an installment payment plan for the term's current balance online through CentralPipeline for Students.
    Information about CPP.
  5. Rooms and Meals 
    All housing and meal programs are managed through Residence Life. Students who do not pay the entire bill for their campus housing by the due date may have their room assignment cancelled. All students living in a residence hall must have a meal plan. While the University makes every effort to ensure that meal plans meet students' general needs, special dietary requests cannot always be accommodated. If you do not want the meal plan billed to you, make another selection prior to the start of the term and notify Residence Life. Email questions about meal plans to Residence Life.
  6. Payment Methods 
    • Credit Card/eCheck - Discover, Master Card, Visa, American Express, and eCheck are accepted for billed charges. Students paying by these methods should use the secure website available through CentralPipeline for Students. Credit or debit cards payments come with a 2.95% or $3 minimum service fee. Payments by eCheck are not subject to fees. As of February 23, 2024 the service fee rate for International PayPath transactions will be increased to 4.25%
    • Check - Make checks payable to Central, include the student's name and ID, and mail to: Central Connecticut State University PO Box 4010 attn: Bursar's Office New Britain, CT 06050-4010
      Your cancelled check is your receipt. Checks and eChecks returned to Central as uncollectible will:

      • Result in a $20 service charge
      • Disallow future personal check payments

      Note: Payments will not be accepted over the telephone.

  7. Blue Chip
    Debit account (optional) - Your Central student ID can be used as a debit card for purchases at various on- and off-campus locations. Email any questions to the Card Office. You may add Blue Chip directly to your charges on CentralPipeline and make electronic payments to the account to enable purchases.

    Matriculated students who wish to use excess financial aid not yet disbursed for the purchase of textbooks at the Central Campus Bookstore can have up to $800 per term transferred to your Blue Chip card by completing the Blue Chip Advance Request form.