Insurance Information 2024/2025

Full-time students for the current term are automatically covered under the University's mandatory accident policy with Aetna. Because it is a secondary policy, a claim should first be submitted to the student's primary insurance carrier. The coverage period is 8/1/24 through 12/31/24 for the fall 2024 term, and 1/1/25 through 7/31/25 for the spring 2025 term.

Part-time students for the current term who wish to purchase the Accident Insurance plan may do so by application directly to Aetna. The deadline for these enrollments will be 9/30/24.

Aetna's claim form is available online at and will need to be completed and submitted to Aetna along with a copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from the primary insurance and a copy of the itemized bill or original claim.

The student can also go online as follows:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Central Connecticut State University from the drop down list of schools
  3. Select "View your Insurance Plan Details"
  4. Select "How to use your plan"
  5. Select "Print an Aetna Claim Form"

The student can also contact customer service at 1-877-375-4244 for further information or assistance with submitting the claim.

Please note that Aetna no longer offers a Voluntary Student Health Insurance Plan to CSCU students. We suggest that you evaluate your healthcare options via Access Health CT (AHCT), Connecticut's health insurance exchange or, if you are not a state resident, at You can contact Access Health CT online at, or via telephone at 1-855-354-2428.

As per Board of Regents for Higher Education Pages 96-98 Minutes – October 20, 2016 Meeting, Effective beginning Academic Year 2017-18:

The CSU Board of Regents Amend Board Resolutions 12-094 and 03-15 to no longer mandate sickness insurance programs and related automatic billings at the CSUs for full-time and certain matriculated part-time students, without impacting existing accident insurance board policy. This eliminates the CSU-provided plan, and instead allows the system to provide information and guidance for students to obtain coverage through other means.

"In summary, although we have offered heath care coverage to our CSU students, there are now alternative avenues to access available to our students which can help reduce the costs for those who need coverage, and prevent charging students with coverage who fail to opt out. The CSUs propose as an alternative to actively inform our students of their other coverage options, and to partner with Access Health CT, and the Office of the Health Care Advocate to improve the health insurance literacy of our students. Further, those students who are currently covered under the CSU s' procured policy will be advised via letter of the change being made, and also provided with information to help them choose a more favorable plan."

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.