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2021-2022 Course Abroad Programs will be forthcoming!
2021-2022 Semester/Year-long Study Abroad Programs Resume!

Only Spring 2022 programs will be available.
The application portal for Spring 2022 programs will open the first week of Fall 2021.
Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 programs remain close due to ongoing Covid-19 travel restrictions.


The reasons to study abroad are numerous. Having an international experience will allow you to see the world, broaden your experience, and gain a new perspective on your own country. Take control of your own future and improve your professional potential by becoming globally competent.

Courses Abroad

Courses Abroad are intense, short-term, credit-bearing university classes that are taught by CCSU faculty and are offered in Winter Session, Summer Session, and embedded in full-semester Spring courses, where the travel component occurs either over Spring Break or in early Summer. Working in close cooperation with a growing number of CCSU academic departments, the Center for International Education (CIE) offers a variety of Course Abroad programs annually. Many programs offer courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Semesters Abroad

If you are interested in spending a full semester or an entire academic year abroad, CCSU students have many options. There are three types of full-semester programs: CCSU Partnership and Exchange Programs, Other Approved Programs (Third Party Provider Programs), and Study Abroad on Non-Sponsored Programs. When a student studies on a CCSU approved program, they maintain their financial aid and courses count as in-residence. 

Partnership and Exchange Programs

CCSU has over 20 partnerships and exchanges in 17 countries. Students participating in these programs typically pay tuition and fees directly to CCSU and financial aid will apply.

Other Approved Programs

CCSU students may participate in semester programs offered by Third Party Providers (TPP). The approved third party providers bring structured programs in a variety of countries.

Non-Sponsored Programs

There are many other Study Abroad programs and providers and some students may wish to participate in a program not sponsored by CCSU. Please click on the link above for more information.