Mission, Vision, & Core Values

Our Mission

Central Connecticut State University's Counselor Education and Family Therapy Department's mission is to develop self-aware professionals and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to empower diverse individuals, families, and communities to achieve their well-being, relationship, education, and career goals.

Our Vision

Make a better human society, with stronger families, schools, and communities.

Core Values

We are committed to developing:

  1. Engaged, mindful learners, who promote emotional growth and social and emotional competence over their lifespan.
  2. Professionals, who value social justice and respect human dignity, and who have open and flexible mindsets.

The focus of the School Counseling program is to prepare professional school counselors to assist school-age children, primarily in Connecticut, to reach their full educational, social, and vocational potential by providing appropriate counseling prevention and intervention activities. School counselors accomplish this mission by working cooperatively with teachers, parents, and administrators. School counselors provide the contextual learning environments that enable children to achieve their full developmental capacities. To be effective school counselors, our graduates must be caring, innovative, lifelong learners who will become leaders in helping children to learn and to become healthy, contributing citizens in our rapidly changing society. They will adhere to the highest standards of the profession.

The School Counseling track is accredited by CACREP until March 21, 2026.

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Graduate Recruitment & Admissions

Academic Contact

Peg Donohue
Associate Professor
Counselor Education & Family Therapy
School Counseling Program Coordinator
Counselor Education & Family Therapy
Co-Coordinator for Advocacy - Center for Excellence in Social and Emotional Learning
Counselor Education & Family Therapy
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