Political Science
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Political Science


Welcome to the Department of Political Science


Mission Statement:

The Department of Political Science sees its mission as one that looks both inward and outward. We strive to build, amongst our majors, minors and those other students who take our classes, a broad foundational understanding of the principles of our discipline. For our majors, this will include a knowledge base in the following areas:

  • Comparative Politics;
  • International Relations;
  • Political Theory;
  • Public Law/Public Administration;
  • Research Methods; and
  • U.S. Government.

Our orientation in building this academic understanding is towards the larger communities of which we are all a part. We seek to prepare students for informed and responsible citizenship and civic engagement; to provide them with the tools and training necessary to become productive professionals in public or private service; and to ensure their ability to effectively adapt to and participate in a rapidly changing world.