Past Events

The Department has sponsored or co-sponsored several events in the past including:

March 22, 2022: Dr. Ann Pang-White (University of Scranton) gave a talk titled, “Decolonial Feminist Philosophy: East and West.”

March 8, 2022: Dr. Yuanfang Dai (Michigan State University) gave a talk titled, "Transcultural Feminist Philosophy: Rethinking Difference and Solidarity through Chinese-American Encounters."

October 1, 2021: The CCSU Philosophy department celebrated its 50th anniversary with a series of talks from past and current faculty and alumni.
Faculty presenters included: Dr. Leland Creer (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and First Chair of the Department), Dr. Parker English (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy), Dr. Eleanor Godway (Emerita Professor of Philosophy), Dr. Pablo Iannone (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy), Dr. John (Jack) T. Seddon III (Lecturer of Philosophy), Dr. Felton O. Best (CSU Professor of Philosophy), Dr. David Blitz (Professor of Philosophy), Dr. Cameron Brewer (Associate Professor of Philosophy), Dr. Mathew A. Foust (Professor of Philosophy), and Dr. Audra King (Associate Professor of Philosophy).Alumni presenters included: Dr. Alice Alibrio ('77, Licensed Naturopathic Physician), Attorney Kathleen D. Hayes ('10, Special Needs Attorney), Briana McGuckin ('10, Reference Librarian at CCSU and Author), Dr. Scott Paeth ('93, Professor of Religious Studies and Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies at DePaul University) and Dr. John Soboslai ('02, Assistant Professor of Religion at Montclair State University).

May 13, 2021: Quincy Colon presented his Philosophy Thesis titled, “Defending Science from Inductive Skepticism.”

April 9, 2021: Dr. Leah Kalmanson (Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religion, Drake University) gave a talk titled, "The Meaning of Death: Global Perspectives."

April 2, 2021: Ranjoo Herr (Professor, Department of Philosophy, Bentley University) gave a talk titled, “Global Philosophies of Mothering: Confucian and Western Perspectives.”

May 7, 2020: Students presented their 2020 Philosophy Theses. Tyler Augustinsen presented his thesis entitled, “Reducing the Recidivism Rate with Confucianism.” Kailie Zampino presented her thesis entitled, "Reducing Political Bias in Supreme Court Decision Making with the Four Principles of Biomedical Ethics."

March 10, 2020: The Philosophy Department and the CCSU Philosophy and Debate Club co-sponsored a movie night featuring the film The Matrix.

May 7, 2019: Students presented their 2019 Philosophy Honors Theses. David Briones presented his thesis entitled, “Contemporary Bioethics of Human Enhancement.” Devin Avshalom-Smith presented his thesis entitled, "Antiblack Racism, Black Identity, and Black Liberation: The Lived Experience of Congressman Robert Smalls."

April 24, 2019: The Philosophy Department and the CCSU Philosophy and Debate Club co-sponsored a movie night featuring the film Inception.

February 21, 2019: The Carter G. Woodson Lecture Series: African Americans and U.S. Social and Economic Justice.

November 5, 2018: Dr. Andrew Lambert gave a talk entitled, "Friendship, Impartiality and the Confucian Tradition."

May 3, 2018: Students presented their 2018 Philosophy Honors Theses. Melissa Bandecchi presented her thesis entitled, “Integrating Chinese Medicine into Western Medical School Curriculum;” Rob Brownell presented his thesis entitled, “Political Myth and White Nationalism;” and Kelly Higgins presented her thesis entitled, "Schopenhauer Contra Nietzsche: The Moral Response to Suffering."

March 8, 2018: Philosophy & Society Circle Symposium: The Practical and Theoretical Impact of Interdisciplinary Cooperation.

February 21, 2018: From the Boat to Obama & Beyond.

October 23, 2017: Confucianism and American Philosophy: A Forum on Doing Philosophy Comparatively.

October 5-6, 2017: Philosophy & Society Circle Symposium: The Arts, Sciences, and Humanities: Past and Present.

June 2-4, 2017: The Annual Bertrand Russell Society Conference. CCSU students took part in the conference presenting posters.

April 20, 2017: Philosophy & Society Circle Symposium: Species Management and Environmental Ethics.

October 8, 2015: Philosophy & Society Circle Symposium: Globalization: Current Challenges and Future Prospects.

November 8-9, 2014: The Northeast Conference on Chinese Thought.

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