Alumni Testimonials

Provided by graduates of the BA program in Philosophy

“Logic courses at CCSU helped with the LSAT. Ethics courses were relevant to law school coursework. Majoring in philosophy enhanced my research and writing skills.”
Ian Butler, Class of 2014

“I value greatly my time studying philosophy at CCSU. Philosophy has expanded my knowledge of myself and the world, and increased my ability to reason and communicate effectively. Since CCSU, I have obtained a Master of Laws degree in International Human Rights and a UK conversion law degree.”
Tracyann Martin, Class of 2014

“Majoring in philosophy broadened my understanding of ethics and Asian cultures, and improved my writing and thinking. The knowledge gained in the program helped me to become a better HR professional.”
Sidra Soomro, Class of 2014

“Philosophy opened my consciousness and changed my life. I have adapted aspects of my teachings to the work force. The application of logic and ethics are especially applicable in my current field of engineering.”
Jasden Mendez, Class of 2016

“In my opinion, there is no area of one’s life that does not benefit from the study of philosophy. In addition to setting me apart in a very positive way from other medical school applicants, majoring in philosophy helped me secure a very good “real job” before beginning medical school.”
Will Doemland, Class of 2016

“But for the incredible support of the philosophy department's faculty, I never would have made it into law school. And the skills they helped me develop through my studies allowed me to excel once I was there.”
Rob Brownell, Class of 2018

If you are an alumnus of the program and would like to provide a testimonial, please send it to Dr. Audra King, Chair of the Department of Philosophy, at Please include your full name, year of graduation, testimonial, and permission to publish your name and quote. Testimonials may be edited for brevity.

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