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Multimedia Technology Classrooms

Approximately 202 classrooms are equipped with a multimedia station which includes a web/network enabled computer with video/data projection and audio amplification.  Some rooms also have a document camera. DVD playback is also available through the computer CD/DVD drive or a traditional DVD player.  VHS capability is still maintained in a few rooms.

In adhering to campus policy, it is suggested that all classrooms containing computer and media technology be closed and locked when no instructor is present.

The scheduling of these rooms is done through the regular room request process. Contact the Registrar's Office or the Enrollment Center.

Multimedia Technology Resources

Multimedia Station Usage Instructions: 

Recommended portable technology adapters:

Apple iPad and iPhone (30 Pin) - HDMI  -  VGA
Apple iPad and iPhone (Lightning) - HDMI  -  VGA

Windows Surface and Surface Pro - HDMI  -  VGA

Android coming soon!


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