Kaltura MediaSpace

MediaSpace is a cloud based web service developed by Kaltura which facilitates the conversion and distribution of various audio, video and image media formats. Faculty & staff may upload media content to the MediaSpace server which is then available across various platforms and devices. Once uploaded, MediaSpace will provide links and embed code that you can use to share your media with others. Faculty and staff may decide to share their content publically or restrict who may see the content. Students are able to view non—public content by logging into the system. MediaSpace is offered to the CCSU community at no cost to the end-user. An overview of MediaSpace is available <here>.

Within MediaSpace there exists a host of additional features and programs including:

Kaltura Capture combines painless recording, automated publishing, and interactive viewing to enable easy video capture in class, at the office, at home, or on-the-go.

  • Content creators capture multi-stream recordings of up to three video inputs synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation or screen capture.

  • Viewers can navigate to desired content, search through slide text, switch between video streams, and view picture in picture.

REACH caption and enrichment servicesoffers two different service options, ASR machine transcription. Captions ordered directly within the Kaltura interface are automatically delivered and can be edited within the video for quick review and modification.

  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Machine Transcription. With ASR, an algorithm instantly recognizes the words spoken in your video and provides machine-based captions for indexing and search. For when you need searchable, discoverable video, this option handles high volumes, fast. CCSU has an unlimited ASR captioning license.

How to Access:

Visit https://mediaspace.ccsu.edu/ where you can view publically available media as a guest or login to add content. To view media limited to the CCSU community you may need to login using your BlueNet ID. The login is available in the upper right hand corner drop down menu.

Capturespace instructions are available <here>. REACH instructions are available <here>.

Service Availability:

  • 24/7


    • Sunday 12am to 12pm; System maintenance, may impact the availability of this service.

Additional Information:

For more information about MediaSpace visit the following pages:


CaptureSpace – cross platform – MAC or PC (Chrome browser recommended on campus PC)


For additional information please contact the Media Center mediacenter@ccsu.edu

Contact Information

Spencer Raccio
Interim Digital Multimedia Production Coordinator
Media Center
Interim Digital Multimedia Production Coordinator
Institutional Marketing & Communications
Elihu Burritt Library