Equipment Distribution

The Media Center equipment distribution office offers the use of digital video camcorders (mini DV tape and tapeless memory card), tripods, digital still cameras (point and shoot), digital voice recorders and cd/cassette boom boxes.

How to Request:

Visit Elihu Burritt Library 00304 (Stack 3) or call 860.832.2030, or email Students requesting equipment need to be on a class list or get special permission from a faculty member to check any of the items out.

Service Availability:

Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Loans are for a three-week period.

Media Equipment Distribution Guidelines and Procedures

In order to eliminate as much confusion and disappointment as possible, please adhere to the following procedures regarding the use of Media Center equipment:

  1. You may order equipment in person in room 00304 of the Burritt Library, by telephone at 832-2030, or by email to

  2. Delivery requests must include the correct room number and time. In order to help us meet your needs, please make requests a minimum of 24 hours in advance for both day and evening classes. All Deliveries are Dependent Upon the Availability of Student Help. However, self pick-up of equipment is welcome during normal hours. To ensure availability, please reserve equipment at least 24 hours in advance.

  3. You must sign for equipment upon receipt and assume responsibility for its safety.

  4. Subject to availability, equipment may be picked up and returned without advance notice between the hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Thursday in Room 00304, Burritt Library.

  5. Equipment will be loaned out Monday through Thursday. Weekend and holiday loans require the prior approval of the Equipment Distribution Supervisor listed in the contact below.

  6. Students may receive equipment only with the written authorization of a faculty member and the faculty must sign for the equipment. A class list should be provided by faculty in cases where all students will be borrowing equipment.

  7. Blank media, although signed out to faculty for specific academic purposes, remain the property of the Media Center and must be returned after use.

  8. The Media Center group cannot provide operators. Contact us if you need instruction on equipment operation. Workshops for individuals and groups of faculty are available on equipment and other media related topics.

  9. If equipment should fail to operate or malfunction while in your possession, please notify the Media Center when the equipment is returned so that we can repair the problem.

  10. If, after requesting a reservation/delivery, you find you do not need the equipment, please call as soon as possible to cancel the reservation/delivery.

  11. Please note that equipment deliveries depend solely on student help. Every effort will be made to deliver and pick-up equipment at the scheduled time. At certain times of the day, particularly when classes change, it is necessary to deliver equipment early because of multiple delivery requests.

  12. If an item is not picked up at the scheduled time, and you cannot wait any longer, please: call the Media Center at 832-2030 or lock the equipment in a secure area.

  13. In any case, call the Media Center to let us know the status of the equipment. It remains your responsibility until it is returned to the Media Center.

  14. Students, Faculty and Staff are required to bring their borrowed equipment to the Equipment Distribution office for renewals. Inventory tags will be checked and the condition of the equipment will be reviewed before a renewal is approved.

  15. Upon return of equipment, a stamped and dated receipt will be issued. Please maintain this receipt as proof of your equipment return.


Faculty and staff members who borrow Media Center equipment are responsible to insure that reasonable steps are taken to safeguard the equipment from theft, loss or damage while it is in their custody.

Should equipment be lost or stolen while on loan, the borrower must immediately, but not later than 24 hours, notify the CCSU Police and the Media Center. A detailed written report must be prepared by the police. No additional loans of equipment will be made to the faculty or staff member until the police investigation has been completed. If it is determined that the theft or loss was the responsibility of the borrower, the borrower will be billed for replacement costs by the University. If it is determined that the faculty or staff member took adequate pre-cautions to protect the equipment from loss or theft, the department of the faculty or staff member will replace the lost or stolen item from their budgets or transfer funds to the Media Center in amounts appropriate to cover the cost of replacement.

In the event that equipment is damaged while on loan, the borrower must immediately, but not later than 24 hours, notify the Media Center. The extent of damage will be determined by the Media Center and the department of the faculty or staff member will be billed for repair or replacement cost.


Equipment is only loaned to students at the request of, and at the responsibility of a faculty member. If equipment is damaged, lost or stolen while in the possession of a student, the above policy applies to the requesting faculty member and/or department. Overdue equipment more than 2 weeks will result in a transcript hold on the student's account. Any equipment more than a month overdue will result in a loss of borrowing privileges for the remainder of the semester as well as the following semester. Any equipment not returned by the end of the semester will be considered stolen resulting in the Police being notified and the student being billed for the replacement cost.

Notice per Office of the Bursar
Billing & Payment of Fees

I understand that when I receive any service from Central Connecticut State University I accept full responsibility to pay all fees and other associated costs assessed as a result of my contracting and/or receiving of services. I understand and accept that if I fail to pay any monies due and owing Central Connecticut State University by the scheduled due date, and fail to make acceptable payment arrangements to bring my account current, Central Connecticut State University may refer my delinquent account to a collection agency and the University may no longer accept direct payments. I further understand that I am responsible for paying the collection agency fee which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of fifteen percent (15%) of my delinquent account balance, together with all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, necessary for the collection of my delinquent account. Finally, I understand that my delinquent account may be reported to one or more of the national credit bureaus.


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