Service Requests

Marketing & Design Requests

Submit all marketing, promotion, and graphic design requests through this form. Keep in mind we require at least two weeks for completion.

Requests include: Print projects, videos, logo design, QR codes, etc.

Marketing & Design Requests

Website updates

Please submit all website update requests through the web request form. Website updates include content updates, photos, file uploads, etc. Directory updates can be done by individuals. Instructions on updating your profile. For news and events postings, please use the Communications & Media request link below.

Submit a Web Request Ticket

Communications & Media Requests

To request communications or media expertise, please fill out a request form. This will put your project into our dedicated work queue. 

Request include: Press advisory, social media push, press release to local paper, photographer, videographer, event live streaming, news/event postings on website, digital signage, etc.

All requests must be submitted at least two weeks before their final due date.

Communications & Media Requests

Book an event

If you have an event request, please call the Central Reservations Office at 860.832.1964. Additionally, you can email or submit your event request via the Virtual EMS

Event requests for President Toro 

If you would like to invite President Toro to attend your event and/or make remarks, please make that request here

President Toro Speaking Request

Contact Information

Christine Castonguay
Associate Vice President of Marketing & Promotions
Institutional Marketing & Communications
Lawrence J. Davidson Hall
Jodi Latina
Associate Vice President of Communications and Media
Institutional Marketing & Communications