Directory Updates

The faculty/staff directory is a comprehensive online listing of faculty members, researchers, instructors, and other academic staff employed at Central. This directory serves as a centralized repository of information providing details such as: names, academic affiliations, titles, education, areas of expertise, contact information, and research interests or publications.

  • Faculty and staff are able to log in and update their profile. To access, Log in to the website, search the faculty/staff directory for your listing, click your name, then the "Edit" tab.
  • The directory syncs with Banner nightly. First name, last name, and email are automatically updated to match records in Banner. Any changes to these fields will revert unless they are changed in Banner first.
  • Adding and removing of employees is automatic. The web team is not able to add or remove members from the directory. To see if an employee exists, search the main directory, not the office or department they belong to.
  • Employees will need to add department, committee, program, etc. affiliations in their profile in order to be listed on that entity's website. For example, a math professor recently hired should log in and add "Mathematical Sciences" as an affiliation and write in their title. Otherwise, they will not be listed on the department website.

Adding/Removing Listings

With the launch of our new site in 2023, the online faculty/staff directory now connects directly to Banner. People will automatically be added and removed from the directory when their official status changes with the university. 

When a member is added, we will automatically populate their name and email. All additional information must be manually curated by the individual.

If you do not see someone listed in your department, committee, or program directory, make sure they have a correct affiliations listed in their profile. Check the main faculty/staff directory to confirm if a member exists. Information about how to be added to a department, program, or committee directory can be found below.

If a listing needs to be removed or added to the main faculty/staff directory, you will need to speak with HR and have them update the information in Banner.

Profile Information

Faculty and Staff are encouraged to log in to the website and fill out their profile. It is important to keep the information on your profile up to date and accurate. 

There are few things that are important to note when filling out your information:

Department/Program/Committee Affiliations & Listing

Here you should list all departments & committees you are a part of. It is important to be thorough as this is how we are able to generate and filter custom directory listings on individual sections of the website. If you are not connected to an area, we cannot add you to the page.

Program affiliations are not necessary unless requested by a department chair or program coordinator. By default, programs will list all the faculty in a department unless otherwise requested.

Editing Your Profile

Editing your profile is very simple. Click "Log in" below and use your Microsoft 365 credentials to log in. There is also a link to login on Faculty Pipeline

Once you see the toolbar at the top of the page, you are logged in. You may not be redirected from this page, however.

Navigate to your profile in the main faculty/staff directory and click the "Edit" tab, which should now be visible.

Log in

For more detailed instructions on editing your profile, use the resources below:

Tutorial Videos Step-by-step Instructions

Profile Edit Login

Once you see the toolbar at the top of the page, you are logged in. You may not be redirected from this page.

Faculty/Staff Directory

Find your profile in the directory, then click Edit.