Brand Resources


Find templates to create PowerPoints, flyers, posters, and Teams backgrounds here

Please, submit your final proposed materials for approval to the marketing department. 

Customize your E-signature!

See pg. 59 of the brand guidelines here

Thinking of ordering new SWAG?  

All new marketing materials, giveaways, display materials should be designed with the new logos and submitted by all vendors through our brand manager system for approval. 

‘We are Central’ ads

The university's new advertising campaign, "We are Central," will run in digital advertising, social media, and audio and video streaming services. View or download "We are Central" ads!

Need to share with an outside partner/vendor?

In addition to internal brand guidelines and downloadable logos and fonts, we offer an external media kit for partners and vendors. (This will automatically download a .zip file to your computer.)

Contact Information

Christine Castonguay
Associate Vice President of Marketing & Promotions
Institutional Marketing & Communications
Lawrence J. Davidson Hall
Jodi Latina
Associate Vice President of Communications and Media
Institutional Marketing & Communications