Diversity Curriculum Development Grants

This grant was started in 2018 by President Toro.

2020 Grant Winners

  1. "Creating Equitable Educational Experiences: Excavating Layers of Knowledge of Self, Society, and Systems"
    Grantee: Professors Antoinette Ryan and Stacey Williams
    Department of Educational Leadership, Policy & Instructional Technology
    Amount: $2.000
  2. "Environmental Justice in the 2020s: A Course Proposal for Geological Sciences and the Honors Program"
    Grantee: Professor Gary Gomby
    Department of Geological Science
    Amount: $1,500
  3. "Teaching, Learning and Empowering Diverse Communities"
    Grantee: Professors Jesse Turner, Joy Hansen, Shelly Jones, and Martha Kruy
    Department of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education
    Elihu Burritt Library
    Department of Mathematical Sciences
    Amount: $1,600
  4. "Developing Teachers' Culturally Diverse Perspectives through the Use of Multicultural Literature"
    Grantee: Professor Jessica Edwards
    Department of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education
    Amount: $535
  5. "The Creation and Development of a New 400-level Sociology Course entitled, "Variety of Viewpoint": Conservative, Libertarian, and Liberal Social Policy"
    Grantee: Professor John Mitrano
    Department of Sociology
    Amount: $2,130
  6. "Women in Construction: Safety and Understanding the Construction Industry"
    Grantee: Professor Krishna Kisi
    Department of Manufacturing and Construction Management
    Amount: $2,900
  7. "Minority STEM Summer Program"
    Grantee: Professors Luz Amaya and Nidal Al-Masoud
    Department of Engineering
    Amount: $1,059
  8. “Developing Diversity Awareness, Cultural Competence, and Historical Knowledge Among Future Teachers of First and Second Generation Latinx Communities in Connecticut Through Study Abroad”
    Grantee: Professors Mary Ann Mahony and Michael Bartone
    Department of History
    Department of Literacy, Elementary, and Early Childhood Education
    Amount: $3,000
  9. “Self-Reflective Professional Development for Early Childhood Professionals Focusing on Race and Bias”
    Grantees: Professors Genese Clark and Candace Barriteau Phaire
    Department: Literacy, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
    Amount: $5,276

2019 Grant Winners

2018 Grant Winners