Writing Minors

Central has two Writing Minors: Creative Writing, which focuses on poetry, fiction and literary nonfiction, and Writing & Publishing, the only undergraduate publishing program in the state, which includes a course in Publishing that produces a magazine for the English Department, and classes in Writing for Digital Platforms. Students in either track may take classes in the other as electives.

Any Major Can Be a Writing Minor and Most Classes Are Open to All Central Students, Not Just Minors

Students from any Major can be a Writing Minor and most of our 300-level courses are open to any Central student who wants to take a course as an elective. The only requirement is a grade of C- or higher in WRT105 or WRT110. Many other majors, such as Psychological Sciences, History, and Criminology count one of our 300-level WRT courses as an elective under their major.

For more information, please contact our WRT Minor Faculty, Professor Mary Collins (nonfiction) at collinsmae@ccsu.edu, Professor Jotham Burrello (fiction, publishing, digital, playwriting) at burrello@ccsu.edu or Professor Julien Strong (poetry, fiction) at Julien.strong@ccsu.edu.

Creative Writing

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Writing & Publishing

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I was a first-generation college student, and my time in the department opened my eyes to so many community, education, and career opportunities that I never would have known about. It ended up so much more impactful than I ever expected when I chose to do a creative writing minor, and I credit so much of that to the faculty’s hard work and incredible support.

Anna Christiano
Class of 2022
Writing Minor Testimonial Michael Scherer

Through the creative writing minor and its professors, I have learned to write better, stronger stories, and better developed characters and worlds. I have made myself a home among these classes and return each semester to make sure I have a class that I will genuinely enjoy week in and week out. But most importantly, I have found how good it feels, how happy I am, to be creative. To be seen, to be heard. The professors within the Minor have created an environment where the worst thing you can do is not try, and every person I’ve seen walk into one of those classrooms, walks out at the end a happier, more fulfilled person and writer.

Michael Scherer
Current WRT Minor

I consider writing to be one of the three most important skills before entering the workforce, with the second being editing and the third being rewriting. Studying this path at CCSU taught me to hone my message and gave me confidence in my communication. These courses were some of the toughest challenges in the classroom, but certainly the most rewarding.

Ian Mangione
Alumni working in corporate communications