Writing & Publishing, Minor

Students eager for a more applied approach to writing and editing can take the three-course required sequence of digital platforms, publishing and nonfiction, but also select from a broad range of electives, including poetry, fiction and playwriting.

The program is completely immersive and hands-on, and if you're ready to work, the faculty will push you to work even harder.

- Kathryn Fitzpatrick, Minor in Writing & Publishing

If you are not sure which program is best for you, please contact the Writing Minors Program Coordinator, Professor Mary Collins at collinsmae@ccsu.edu. Most of these classes have few prerequisites beyond WRT105/110 (grade C- or higher) and meet either a core requirement for a minor or count as an elective. Many majors besides English have started counting some of the 300-level writing courses as electives so check with your advisor to find out more! No one should graduate from CCSU without taking a 300-level writing course from our award-winning faculty!

A minor for students from all disciplines who are interested in writing as a profession or who see writing as part of their professional life.  Students will learn writing, editing, and publishing skills, including those necessary for digital environments.

Requirements (19 credits)

1. Students must take the minor's three core courses:

WRT 370 Creative Nonfiction I

WRT 383 Writing for Digital Platforms

WRT 384 Publishing

2. Remaining credits may be taken from the following list of electives:

ENG 310 Close Reading the Sentence

ENG 495 Internship

WRT 371 Fiction I

WRT 372 Fiction II

WRT 373 Poetry I

WRT 374 Poetry II

WRT 375 Creative Nonfiction II

WRT 377 Playwriting

WRT 378 Creative Writing Special Topics

WRT 385 Writing About...

WRT 494 Creative Writing Independent Study

Total Credit Hours: 19

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Mary Collins
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