Connecticut Certification Procedures

To be eligible for Connecticut certification, a teacher candidate must be recommended by the certification officer in the office of the dean of the School of Education and Professional Studies. Teacher candidates are urged to apply for certification during their last semester of enrollment. However, please note that teacher candidates must have received the BS degree in an approved program and have passed the applicable Praxis II test in order to complete their application for certification.

To apply for certification, undergraduate teacher candidates should:

  • Steps to Certification information sheet is forthcoming. When it is available, complete and submit the state of Connecticut certification application to the dean's office.
  • Pass the appropriate Praxis II or ACTFL test and have the scores reported to Central; and
  • Submit application to the Central certification officer for review and signature; then submit signed application to the Connecticut Bureau of Teacher Certification with the applicable fee.

When registering for Praxis II test, student should request that their score reports be sent to:

Central Connecticut State University (Score Recipient Code Number R3898) and Connecticut State Department of Education (Score Recipient Code Number R7050).

The Initial Educator Certificate will be issued by the Connecticut State Department of Education. 
State of Connecticut certification regulations require that certification applicants meet the regulations in place at the time the certification application is submitted to the Connecticut State Department of Education, regardless of when the certification program was completed. State regulations, including course and testing requirements, may change at any time. Teacher candidates enrolled in the professional program at the time of a regulatory change will be notified of any changes, and their curriculum adjusted to address the changes. Teacher candidates and alumni may apply for certification in the last semester of the program or at any time after completing the program. Central does not notify alumni of changes in regulations but alumni must meet regulations in place at the time they apply for certification. Therefore, teacher candidates are urged to apply for Connecticut certification during their last semester of coursework or immediately upon completion of the program, even if they do not plan to teach in Connecticut.

If you require additional information on teacher certification, please contact: 
Dr. Paula Talty, Associate Dean