Policies & Procedures

Copying requirements for “hard-copy” submission

A clean, clearly printed or typed “8.5" X 11” white copy must be submitted at least three business days in advance of requested completion date. Work submitted today is considered one day old at the close of business the next day. Close of business the following day is considered the second day and close of business the day after is considered three working days.

Please do not submit odd sized material or books. Our machine can only copy sheets 8.5" X 11” or 8.5" X 14" long. LEAVE ¼" for margins. Do not glue, staple, tape or paste pieces of paper onto originals. Our machines are belt driven and will destroy the originals. Make a copy of any piece of copy that has been created in the above manner and submit that copy.

There are two sides to a sheet. Each printed side constitutes a page. For best results sign documents in black ink. Do not bend or fold originals. These tend to jam our automatic feed copiers.

Night slot deposit

The box attached to the door is for empty envelopes. Please do not leave your work in there. A drop-off slot is located in the Copy Center door. This allows you to drop off your material in a sealed envelope after hours.

On-line Program

All job submissions must be sent via the Copy Center web application called PaperCut for either electronic or hard copy (manual) submission. Please consult your department chair or secretary for departmental guidelines when using PaperCut. PaperCut will only allow you to submit one file at a time. When using PaperCut, it is important to double check all your selected choices before submitting the job to ensure accuracy. Instructions are available on the Copy Center website explaining how to access and maneuver within the PaperCut application.

Charges to Banner Indexes

Banner indexes will be charged for all reproduction services. Each department may use their Banner index for Copy Center services and should keep record of all expenditures. If funds within a corresponding Banner index have been exhausted, requests for copying/printing will not be completed.

All classroom, departmental, educational, and administrative materials, as well as dissertations, papers and manuscripts are considered university business.

Only university related reproduction services can be charged to departmental allocations. Non-university, or personal duplicating is not permitted.

Copyrighted Material

The Copy Center cannot reproduce copyrighted material without documentation indicating that this is being done with the author’s permission. There are exceptions. Please refer to the Campus Copyright Rights & Responsibilities document for further details on acceptable use.