Lead Time

The Copy Center schedules work in the order in which it arrives at the Copy Center. Work must be submitted at least three working days in advance of date required. Emergency exceptions may be approved at the discretion of the Copy Center staff if necessary.

Copy Center Order Request Form

Each order requires a submitted request using PaperCut regardless of a hard copy or electronic format. A copy of each submitted order is retained In PaperCut for your records.

Occasionally, PaperCut may be brought down for maintenance and upgrades. During this time, it will be necessary for business users to visit the Copy Center office in person.

If you don't have access to PaperCut, please contact your department chair or secretary for further instructions.

Hard Copy Documents

Submit a clean, clear print of typed 8.5" x 11" white copy.
Make single 8.5" x 11" white copies of all bound material including books and magazines.

Please do not:

  • Submit material that is less than 8.5" x 11" in size or more than 8.5" x 14". Our equipment is automated and limited to those two sizes. However, we can do single sheets of 11" x 17".
  • Submit any odd-sized material or books-submit the white 8.5" x 11" sheets. Our machine has great difficulty picking up anything light in color-especially blue ink. For best results, sign documents in black ink. Do not bend or fold originals. These tend to jam automatic pieces of equipment such as ours.
  • Glue, tape, or staple pieces of the copy onto originals. Make a copy of that sheet and submit in that manner. Our copiers are "belt driven" and glued or taped copies are destroyed by the machine.


Upon completion of a test order, it is placed in a locked cabinet for security until picked up by the faculty member or department secretary. Students may pick up tests at the discretion of the professor.

Books Magazines, Etc.

For requesting reproductions, please list the pages to be copied in consecutive order. Please refer to the Campus Copyright Rights & Responsibilities document for further details on acceptable use.

Copy Charges

Copying costs are charged automatically to your selected Banner index. Reports reflecting your Banner index account status are normally distributed monthly by the Budget Office.

Each university department has one or more business users granted access to PaperCut. The Banner index(es) aligned to the corresponding business user will be offered in PaperCut when a job is being submitted. When using Copy Center resources, Banner indexes will be debited monthly similar to the p-card process. Please contact the Budget Office at 860.832.2504 or 860.832.2505 with any budget related questions.

Transfer of funds from one Banner index to another may be requested by emailing The email should be sent by either the budget manager or by the department secretary. If the email is sent by the department secretary, a carbon copy of the email must be sent to the budget manager.

Personal Copying

Personal copying is not permissible.