How To Submit A Papercut Order

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  1. If using a Central issued workstation or laptop, log into PaperCut in a browser by selecting "Sign in with Microsoft" on the log in screen.

    Multi-function PaperCut Login
  2. Choose a corresponding product:

    PaperCut second step
  3. Attach your file:

    PaperCut third step
  4. Enter your title name:

    PaperCut fourth step
  5. Enter the number of copies being requested:

    PaperCut fifth step
  6. Enter the number of pages in the attached document:

    PaperCut sixth step
  7. Select the remaining choices for your product:

    PaperCut seventh step
  8. Choose corresponding Banner index for funding:

    PaperCut eighth step
  9. Request an available preferred due date:

    PaperCut ninth step
  10. Enter any additional instructions for Copy Center staff:

    PaperCut tenth step
  11. Submit request for the Copy Center staff:

    PaperCut eleventh step
  12. Once your order is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent by PaperCut to the requestor’s university email.
  13. If the Copy Center staff has any follow up questions, you may be contacted by a PaperCut notification, email or phone call based on need.