Copy Center

The Copy Center has implemented a new web-based submission application called PaperCut. To access, login to PaperCut with by selecting "Sign in with Microsoft" on the log in screen.

PaperCut allows our business users to send their requests to the Copy Center from their campus or home office via the browser. Simply upload your file electronically into PaperCut and select "Internal Mail" as your delivery option and picking up your work will be eliminated.

Submitted file types can be in PDF, MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint and image file formats.

Note: All orders require an entered page count greater than zero to calculate an estimated cost before submitting.

Product options offered in PaperCut

Basic Copying

Syllabus, quiz, exam, etc.

Physical Copy – Basic Copying

Hard copy submission for syllabus, quiz, exam, etc.


Folded and center stapled documents, i.e programs, newsletters, etc.

Physical Copy – Booklet

Hard copy submission for folded and center stapled documents, i.e. programs, newsletters, etc.


One or two sided folded documents, i.e. itinerary, pamphlets etc.

Physical Copy – Brochure

Hard copy submission for one or two sided folded documents, i.e. itinerary, pamphlets etc.


One sided, varying sized documents.

Physical Copy – Poster-Flyer

Hard copy submission for one sided, varying sized documents.


Sized and cut documents.

Physical Copy – Postcard-Ticket-Bookmark

Hard copy submission for sized and cut documents.