Who Are We?

Who we are

The Brotherhood at CCSU is a men’s wellness retention initiative dedicated to improving the health, retention, and graduation of CCSU college men.



What are guys saying about The Brotherhood (formerly Man Enough)?

QUOTES: In their own words…

  • “The Man Enough Support Initiative has provided me with other gentlemen who find difficulties in college. It has made me realize what things I need to improve on to be an overall better person. I’ve been able to meet faculty members who are willing to build relationships with and care about me succeeding in college and after. It’s made me realize that many problems that I face like anxiety are not solely pertaining to me, but to other as well.”
  • “My overall experience in MESI was really beneficial towards helping me better understand myself, and when/ who I wish to be as I continually grow as a man. The group fellowship session in which we share our experiences are extremely effective in creating an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and acceptance. Though I may not fully verbalize the level of overall support that I have received in MESI, I do feel as though my participation in this group has fundamentally positively contributed toward my overall college experience & more so.”
  • “I have been able to gain a good support system and a better understanding of what I have to do to succeed.”
  • “The benefits I’ve received through my participation in MESI were a strong brotherhood with other men who were also trying to define manhood and therefore become better men.”
  • “My GPA has increased, I have gotten another opportunity to hone my leadership skills. The contact I have gained through the organization has proven themselves to be beneficial also.”
  • “Improve my self-esteem, Thought process”.
  • “It has helped me to become a better student, as well as, a better person.”
  • “It’s helped me realize my weaknesses + strengths and helping me improve my life.”
  • “I benefited from the organization because it gave something to belong to as well as a network of friends.”
  • “Improve mood, grades. Developed relationships that are beneficial emotional support.”
  • "Through the brotherhood I was able to make professional, emotional, and personal growth. Also having a group to support men and talk about issues was very helpful.”

Contact Information

William Fothergill
Counseling & Student Development
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
Lawrence Hall
Admissions - Undergraduate
Lawrence J. Davidson Hall
Andrew Fal
Reference Librarian
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