“Our goal is not the development of a men’s center, but the development of centered men” (Andrew Halpern, 2010)

The Brotherhood exists on the Central campus as an interdepartmental, interdivision. multicultural, multigenerational wellness retention initiative created to provide Central college men with opportunities to actively take responsibility for leading and coordinating wellness promotion activities, address barriers to retention and graduation, and promote the wellness within the Central male student community through advocacy and outreach.

It is our pursuit to insure that male students have the opportunity to engage in proactive activities that seek to understand and solve issues that affect male student populations. The Brotherhood will seek to collaborate and engage others, inside and outside of the male community, who seek to partner and work towards the betterment of college men.


  • The Initiative will help male students maximize their personal potential through a wellness retention model.
  • The initiative will provide a holistic system of support that will contribute and improve health and wellness factors affecting Central male college students (e.g., psychological and physical health, graduation, retention, success, etc.).

Strategic Objective

The primary objective of the initiative is retention and graduation through a wellness model. It is our desire to work with college men to help them develop a plan and a course of action that will lead them towards successful degree completion. The initiative operates to improve the health and wellbeing of the entire Central campus community by empowering men to reach their full human potential.

Contact Information

William Fothergill
Counseling & Student Development
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
Lawrence Hall
Admissions - Undergraduate
Lawrence J. Davidson Hall
Andrew Fal
Reference Librarian
Brotherhood Logo