From humble beginnings

In 2007, William Fothergill, Counselor in Counseling & Student Development (formerly known as Counseling & Wellness Center), responded to the growing demand for mental health and wellness supports for male students. Through his research, Mr. Fothergill laid the foundation for a campus base support framework that focused on meeting the developmental needs of male student populations. The framework was titled the Wellness Retention Model, which focused on the establishments of a holistic approach to improve success outcomes for college men.

The Wellness Retention Model focused on three broad service areas; (1) Health & Wellness, (2) Retention, and (3) Graduation. Realizing the barriers facing Central male students mirrored national trends, he established the HEALTHYfellows Campaign governing philosophy that responds to the growing need for specialized support services for male student populations. The Campaign was created as a mechanism to address education, health, and wellness disparities impacting the success of male students. The campaign strives to advocate for equitable supports and resources to address the needs of all male students.

The Brotherhood (Formerly Man Enough Support Initiative)

The Man Enough Support Initiative (MESI), now call the Brotherhood, was founded in 2008 as the service component of the HEALTHYfellows Campaign. The Brotherhood operates as an initiative focused on improving Central male student success. The Brotherhood operates as a coordinated system of support designed to provide and connect college men with the necessary resources to navigate the complexities of the college experience. The Initiative continues to operate as a student led wellness initiative that “celebrates the male spirit” by promoting and advocating for the needs of Central college men. The Brotherhood serves as a mechanism of support, guidance, information, resources, advocacy, mentoring, and comradery for college men. The Brotherhood proudly exists as the campus’s Men’s Initiative and is committed to its motto, “It takes an entire campus to graduate a man”.

Contact Information

William Fothergill
Counseling & Student Development
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
Lawrence Hall
Admissions - Undergraduate
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Reference Librarian
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