The Alliance & Collaborative

We established our Alliances and Collaborative Partnerships with the intent to unite institutions of higher education, schools, government entities, and independent male service agencies into a collective with mutual beneficial objectives that focus on improving the general welfare of male student populations. The Collaborative Partnership are formed with individuals who sign onto our Commission i.e., Beliefs & Agreements) and the Alliances consists of multiservice collaborative relationships with schools, higher education institutions, social service agencies, and men’s initiatives, etc.

Join the Alliance or become a Collaborative Partner

As a Collaborative Partner your name will appear on the HEALTHYfellows Campaign website with others who have pledged their commitment to improving the health and wellness of guy populations.

The Commission


  • Boys and Men are capable of making healthy decisions
  • We believe Boys and Men desire to live well and possess the capacity to authentically pursue and attain optimal wellness
  • We believe Boys and Men are capable of accessing help and support when it is presented to them in a manner of respect and dignity.
  • We believe Boys and Men deserve gender-informed and responsible care that takes into account the unique expression of their differences (e.g. biological, physical, emotional, social, etc.)


  • Educate and Mobilize Boys and Men to become actively involved in wellness promotion activities and outreach.
  • Collaborate and support the work others are doing to eliminate education, health, and wellness disparities among guy populations.
  • Enhance how Boys and Men advocate for themselves and help them become more responsible and accountable for their wellbeing.
  • Encourage others to join the HEALTHYfellows campaign and become a Collaborative Partner.

I agree to the HEALTHYfellows Beliefs and Agreements. Email your contact information to

Contact Information

William Fothergill
Counseling & Student Development
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
Lawrence Hall
Admissions - Undergraduate
Lawrence J. Davidson Hall
Andrew Fal
Reference Librarian
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