Language Requirement and Waiver Information

Plan early in your undergraduate career (freshman year) so you will have time to take advantage of the language learning opportunities offered at Central.

The language requirement is a component (Skill Area III) of the University's General Education program. The requirement may be fulfilled by one (1) the following ways:

  1. Successful completion of a foreign-language course at the second semester level at Central or another institution of higher education.
  2. Previous completion of a Level 3 high school foreign language.
  3. Take and pass the CLEP, a standardized examination.
  4. Place out of the language requirement by taking the placement test in the Learning Center.
  5. Demonstrate native proficiency in a language other than English. This requires evaluation of skill by a faculty member or official documentation, and approval by the Chair of the World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department.

Please see waiver policy

If you have studied the language previously, you should take a placement test. By taking the placement test, you may place into a higher level which will make your language study more rewarding. Also, this will make it easier to minor or major in the language. You might be able to place out of the general education language requirement by taking the placement test.

If you are a heritage speaker (i.e., a person who learned a language other than English at home), you should take the placement test. There is a special track designed specifically for Spanish heritage language speakers and will make your coursework more valuable. You will not be allowed to stay in elementary language courses if you have some degree of fluency in the language.

If you are considering majoring or minoring in a language that you have studied previously, you should also take a placement test.

Language Placement Test

Language placement tests for French, German, Italian and Spanish can be taken free of charge. Please, send a message to Prof. Casas at

Learning Outcomes for language courses fulfilling Skill Area III of the General Education program:

  • Speak and write at the Novice-High proficiency level in the target language.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of Products, Practices and Perspectives in the target culture, as defined by National Standards.


Contact Information

Gilbert L. Gigliotti
Interim Department Chair
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
W401-29 and D402-07
Maria Casas
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
Gwenn Gregory
Administrative Assistant
World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Willard-DiLoreto Hall