What Services does the SSS Program Provide?

  • Academic tutoring directly or through other services provided by the institution.
  • Advising and assistance in postsecondary course selection.
  • Counseling services including individualized counseling for personal, career, and academic matters
  • Activities are designed to assist students participating in the program in applying for admission and obtaining financial assistance for enrollment in graduate and professional programs.
  • Career navigation/guidance, workshops, activities are designed to prepare students or acquaint students participating in the program with the range of career options available to the students.
  • Exposure to cultural events and academic programs not usually available to disadvantaged students
  • Mentoring programs involving faculty and/or upperclassmen.
  • Securing of temporary housing during breaks in the academic year for students who identify as foster care or homeless.

What additional Services Does the SSS Teacher Prep Program Provide

  • Test preparation to meet the teaching credential for certification and license internships to learn effective teaching practices.
  • Mentoring to experience on-the-job training; technology to enable integration of technology into classroom instruction
  • Diversity training to meet the needs of students (e.g. students who lack proficiency in English and culturally diverse students)
  • Methodology to increase the level of implementation of student performance assessment techniques and implementing state and district curriculum and performance standards; teaching practices to affect special behavior problems.