How to Apply For Scholarships

In most cases, particularly those in which demonstrated financial need is part of the criteria, a FAFSA form must be completed and filed with the Financial Aid Office

How to Complete Your FAFSA

During the Fall semester, students will receive an email from informing them when the scholarship application period for the following academic year is open. At that time, students should complete a General Application in Academic Works.

More than 300 scholarship funds will be made available for students to apply for depending on the criteria for each scholarship program.

Once the application period closes, applications are filtered, reviewed, and approved by scholarship subcommittees and sent to the University Scholarship Committee for final approval. Approved scholarships are then submitted to the Financial Aid Office for posting to individual student accounts for the academic year for which the scholarship award is made.

When Scholarships Will Be Awarded

Scholarship awarding for 2023/2024 starts in May and continues into the summer. All awarded students will receive notification via email and will see the award on their account for the applicable semester(s).

How to View/Accept Financial Aid Awarded

You must have an active BlueNet account to view/accept any financial aid awarded. The $200 Admissions confirmation deposit is not required to create a BlueNet account.

Activate Your BlueNet Account

  1. Log in to WebCentral-Banner Web (found on Student Pipeline)
  2. Click [Financial Aid] tab
  3. Click:
    1. Award by Aid Year/Accept Award
    2. Financial Aid Requirements/Documents to review items that may prevent aid offers/disbursements
  4. Select appropriate "Aid Year" & click "Submit"
  5. Click [Accept Award Offertab
  6. Review Terms & Conditions, Accept/Decline, click "Submit Decision"
  7. Click [Financial Aid] tab once again
  8. Click "Sign Financial Aid Award Letter/Title IV Authorization"
  9. Change 3rd option from Hold to Refund, then click "Submit"