Awarded Financial Aid

How to View & Accept Financial Aid Awarded

You must have an active BlueNet account to view/accept any financial aid awarded. The $200 Admissions confirmation deposit is not required to create a BlueNet account.

Activate Your BlueNet Account

  1. Log in to WebCentral-Banner Web (found on Student Pipeline)
  2. Click [Financial Aid] tab
  3. Click:
    1. Award by Aid Year/Accept Award
    2. Financial Aid Requirements/Documents to review items that may prevent aid offers/disbursements
  4. Select appropriate "Aid Year" & click "Submit"
  5. Click [Accept Award Offertab
  6. Review Terms & Conditions, Accept/Decline, click "Submit Decision"
  7. Click [Financial Aid] tab once again
  8. Click "Sign Financial Aid Award Letter/Title IV Authorization"
  9. Change 3rd option from Hold to Refund, then click "Submit"