Southwest University

Chongqing, China

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Southwest University (SWU) was established in July 2005 by incorporating former Southwest China Normal University and Southwest Agricultural University upon the approval of the Ministry of Education. One of the "211" project universities, SWU is located at the foot of Jinyun Mountain, a state-level scenic spot near the beautiful Jialing River. SWU offers students numerous sports and cultural facilities to explore. The university offers a wide variety of programs and degree programs. With a variety of students from countries all over the world, numbering the total to over 100,000, SWU offers a diverse campus with lots of opportunities for students to become involved and create lasting relationships.

Academic Subjects

Plant Science and Technology, Pedagogy, Chinese history, International Economics and Trade, applied psychology, history, bioscience, biotechnology, environmental science, automation (controlling), software programming, food science and technology, plant science and technology.

Applied psychology, signal and information processing, analytical chemistry, environmental science, applied chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, ecology, material chemistry and physics, crop genetics and breeding, clinical veterinary medicine, aquaculture, pedagogy, and Chinese history.


Students may choose to live in Southwest University residence halls or may also select to live with a host family or reside in other living arrangements.

Program Details

Language Requirements: None

Language of Instruction: English

Required GPA: 2.75

Term: Exact dates to be determined, Check the university’s website for more information

Program: Undergraduate

Program Costs 

Students pay CCSU tuition directly to CCSU. Housing and meal costs will be paid on-site in China.


Zongxiang Mei 

International Education Coordinator
Center for International Education
Barnard Hall, Room 406
860 832 2043

Contact Information

Zongxiang Mei
International Education Coordinator
Center for International Education
Clarence Carroll Hall
Christine Chaihyung Park
University Assistant, Courses Abroad
Center for International Education