Assessment in Student Affairs

Department Mission: Student Affairs
The Division of Student Affairs is dedicated to supporting a student-centered learning environment that encourages student development and inspires student success.

We are committed to providing a campus environment that offers extensive learning opportunities outside of the classroom and one that promotes safe and healthy behaviors. Through programs, services, and activities, we assist students in their educational, personal, and social development.

Assessment Mission: Division of Student Affairs
The Assessment Mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to act on unit commitments to assess and review services, goals and learning outcomes as they relate to our students, the University, CSCU (Connecticut State Colleges & Universities), and the Board Of Regents for Higher Education. The Division of Student Affairs is committed to continuous review and improvement in all that we do.

What We Measure

  1. Learning Outcomes related to/based on University goals and the strategic plan.
  2. Goals and outcomes of satisfaction from services provided to students through unit division functions that are based on Student Affairs and University goals. Measurements within each unit are based on best practice within each discipline.
  3. Vice President's unit priorities, these are linked to objectives within the University goals; this reporting format reflects the University assessment reporting configurations.

All Student Affairs units have participated in an array of specific training programs and in-services that have guided them with their assessment activities. The Division has developed a framework and basis for goals and Learning Outcomes. These areas of interest either enhance student experience or encourage growth and development, and student learning. Areas of focus are Retention and Graduation (Student Success), Community Engagement, Collaborations between Academic and Student Affairs, Diversity, and Safety, Health, and Wellness.

Goals and Learning Outcomes

Student Affairs Goals:

  • To prepare students to make a successful transition to the Central campus
  • To promote retention and graduation by fostering a sense of community
  • To promote the development of ethical, responsible standards among students
  • To encourage students to respect and appreciate individual differences
  • To educate students on healthy and safe lifestyle choices
  • To encourage the growth of interpersonal and social development of students
  • To facilitate active learning through collaborations between Academic and Student Affairs
  • To create student involvement opportunities that advance student learning

Student Affairs Learning Outcomes:

  1. Retention and Graduation (student success)
    • Students will actively engage in the Central community
    • Students will demonstrate leadership skills
  2. Community Engagement
    • Students will actively engage in community service
    • Students will apply sustainable practices
  3. Collaborations between Academic and Student Affairs
    • Students will express satisfaction and learning through participation
  4. Diversity
    • Students will value differences in others
  5. Safety, Health, and Wellness
    • Students will identify campus resources that will lead to healthy lifestyle choices