Academic Dismissal Prevention & Support Initiative (ADPSI)

What is ADPSI?

ADPSI Case Managers work with students to reduce barriers and connect them to supportive resources related to:

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Mental Health

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Physical Health

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Elevated Academic Concerns

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Substance Abuse

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Basic Need Insecurity

Many students experience difficulties during college that impact their academics that are due to underlying personal reasons. Common barriers that impact academic performance include mental health, socialization, substance abuse, basic needs, pregnancy, personal or family crisis, illness, or injury. These barriers can interfere with a student’s ability to attain their academic goals. ADPSI Case managers work collaboratively with students to find solutions for these challenges by providing assistance and bridging the gap between needs and resources. The Case Managers identify student needs, connect students to appropriate campus programs and resources, and provide continued follow-up. 

The ADPSI provides support for these groups of students:

  • Students who are on the borderline of the Academic Probation threshold 
  • Students who are currently on Academic Probation
  • Students who have been Academically Dismissed 

Participation with the ADPSI is voluntary. Students work with a Case Manager to develop a Success Plan; they receive support and direction intended to help them achieve their identified goals and get back on track for success. Meetings with the ADPSI Case Manager are generally monthly, but may be more frequent as needed.


ADPSI helps students tackle the personal barriers that are interfering with their academics so that that can improve academically and increase their GPAs. Ultimately, the goal of the program is to help students come off of Academic Probation, prevent students from falling on to Academic Probation, or to help students return to the University. 

Meet the Case Managers 

Case managers use a supportive, collaborative, pragmatic, and strengths-based approach with a focus on assessing needs, identifying manageable tasks, providing support, monitoring task progress, and developing strategies to overcome challenges. Case Managers provide holistic support, assistance, and follow-ups to meet the unique needs of each student and their circumstances. 

Case Manager John Reyes
I am John Reyes, a dedicated alumnus of CCSU. I have a Master's degree in Social Work. Drawing on my expertise in foster care and substance use interventions, my passion lies in supporting students throughout their academic journey. I am committed to offering guidance on various ongoing issues, making a positive impact on their lives.