Curriculum - Biomolecular Sciences, BS


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This program offers a curricular focus on molecular and cellular mechanisms that is integrated with organismal physiology and emphasizes hands-on learning through laboratory instruction and independent student research. This degree is appropriate for students wishing to prepare for professional training in medicine and for graduate study or direct entry into careers in such areas as genetics, genomics, microbiology, molecular biology, cell, or developmental biology.




In addition to the Biomolecular Sciences Core requirements, students must take elective credits to equal 35 credits in the major. 


In addition to the 35 credits in the major, the student must take:

Cross-listed Courses

BMS 318, BMS 319, BMS 412, and BMS 413 are also listed in the course description section of the catalog with a BIO designator. These double- or cross-listed courses (i.e., BMS 318 and BIO 318) are considered fully equivalent.

500-Level Course Options

Undergraduate students who are not enrolled in the accelerated program and who wish to take 500 level courses should use the form titled "Enrollment in 500 Level Courses by Undergraduates".   These students must have at least 90 credits and a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher.  They may (with the approval of the appropriate department chair and dean, School of Graduate Studies, and with appropriate prerequisites) choose any of the following 500-level courses in the directed elective portion of the advanced component of their major program:

Total Credit Hours: 35

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Kathy Martin
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Biomolecular Sciences
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