Biomolecular Sciences Department

Interested in a career in human health or in biomedical research?

The Biomolecular sciences department offers student-centered classes and experiences that will prepare you for a success!

Graduates of our programs go directly into careers in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Many Central Biomolecular Science students further their education in medicine (MD, DO, PA), dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, or move on to accelerated nursing programs. Continued study of biomolecular science at the master’s level or in Ph.D. programs are also popular outcomes for our students.

Advising and career planning is built into our curriculum! In your courses, you will work with faculty to plan your course schedules, develop a resumes, and write a personal statement. Central BMS alumni will visit your classes to discuss careers and network. You will meet admissions professionals from graduate programs in health and biomedical research fields.


Research: All students engage in research projects with BMS faculty. Student research is a high impact experience that enhances understanding of molecular biology, provides hands-on experience with in-demand techniques, and provides each student with a faculty mentor.

Conferences: Each year 30-50 students in our department travel to scientific conferences to present their research in talks and posters.

Outreach: Students in our program engage in community outreach to local middle and high schools.


Courses in our department provide the foundation needed for careers in research and health professions. At the core of the program is molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, and microbiology, with further offerings in developmental biology, anatomy and physiology, and immunology. Special topics courses expose students to the latest research and advances in biomedical science.

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Students present their work at research conferences

Student Spotlight

Since 2018 Amellia Lyn has been the smiling face of Student Service Center, now located in room 101 in the Applied Innovation Hub, the new engineering building next to the library. Amellia is not just part of CCSU at the center from 8 am-4 pm, she’s a full-time student here as well. Her activities on campus don’t stop there. A BMS major, she is chair of the Central Biology Club and also is a mentor for other students.

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When are you expecting to finish your Master’s degree and what took you on that path?

I’m expecting to finish my Master’s this spring. I transferred to CCSU around the same time that I decided a career in medicine wasn’t what I wanted. I was floundering a little when some faculty and students encouraged me to explore more of the courses and research opportunities in the BMS department. The BMS department as a whole and the chemistry department were both incredibly welcoming and I got a chance to try out research in different labs and get hands-on experience on what benchwork was like. Research can be frustrating at times, but I really enjoy it--it's always amazing. It’s been those experiences that led me to choose a career in science.

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Recent Special Topics Courses:

Antibiotics and Resistance Covid Therapy and Treatment
Prions Stem Cells: Research and Therapies
Cancer Biology Regeneration
Clinical and Applied Genomics Global Health Issues
Epidemiology Virology

Alumni Testimonials

“I’m a strong believer that regardless of the field you decide to go into, the BMS degree will prepare you and equip you with the mind-set and the skills you need to enter it.  It’s a small program, but it’s a high-quality program. The professors truly care about you and developing you into the best scientist, physician, PA, you can be. “

- Mohammed Ahsan, Class of 2021, current Physician’s Assistant student


“Everything I did at Central helped me reach my goals, my experience doing research and all my BMS courses taught me to think critically which benefited me not only through the accelerated nursing program, but also in my nursing career."

- Catherine Schuberth-Galdamez B.S.N., Class of 2018, Oncology Nurse


“At Central, particularly in the BMS department, there’s accessibility to professors who are there for you. You won’t just be a number lost in a sea of students; you’ll be an individual.”

- Michelle Kayser M.D., Class of 2013, Pediatrician

“Overall, my decision to attend Central was one of the best decisions of my life. I had an excellent educational experience that equipped me for my PhD training and was the springboard to the life I currently have and love. Also, I met the best people there who have truly impacted my life, many of whom are faculty at Central and who I am so grateful to have encountered on this journey. “

- Elisabeth Adkins Marnik Ph.D., Class of 2011, Assistant Professor, Molecular Biochemistry

"What I did at Central that helped me to achieve my goals was getting an absolute rock-solid science education. My first year of vet school was fairly easy because of the amazing science foundation I had."

- Matt Rubenstein D.V.M., Class of 2007, Veterinarian