Bachelor of Science

Tourism and Hospitality

Central to Enhancing Growth Through Accommodation.

CCSU’s BS in Tourism & Hospitality Studies (THS) produces graduates that meet the specific needs of the tourism and hospitality industry. Students gain critical thinking skills through a combination of traditional academic coursework and applied and experiential training. The program equips graduates for higher level Tourism and Hospitality positions and helps them rise to key management roles.   

In addition, the program strives to produce students that meet the specific needs of the tourism and hospitality industry. It draws on the diverse offerings of an interdisciplinary program to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for the methods and goals of specific tourist destinations such as resorts, historic sites, art museums, and natural parks. Using the flexibility that an interdisciplinary program provides, students may customize their studies, taking classes in history, art history, management, marketing, science, or other disciplines as their career ambitions demand. This flexibility allows our students to better prepare themselves for the growing niche markets that characterize today’s competitive tourism and hospitality industry.  

Program Features

  • Attend full- or part-time
  • Classes on-campus and in hybrid format
  • Flexible curriculum allows student to personalize their course of study
  • Small class sizes
  • Engaged, diverse faculty are experts in their field and attentive to student needs
  • Internship and study abroad opportunities
  • Financial aid and scholarships available
  • Free on-campus child care available 

- Recent graduate

The education CCSU provided me played a huge part in me landing this amazing position in a beautiful hotel I am proud to say I helped open. What faculty taught me has made me up to par with my colleagues that have years of experience.

- Recent graduate

Did You Know?

The program is an interdisciplinary marriage between the Geography Department in the Ammon College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the Marketing Department in the School of Business.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the basic concepts of physical and human geography.
  • Use geographic theories, principles and data to solve spatial problems
  • Apply basic research skills, including the ability to critically evaluate the research of others
  • Show competent skills in oral or written expressions regarding the clarity, logic and effectiveness of arguments.
  • Synthesize and produce graphic displays of spatial data (i.e., maps, graphs and database).
  • Describe the nature of Geography as an academic discipline, including familiarity with its history and recognition of its major subfields.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills that are sufficient to allow one pursue advanced study in geography and/or find employment in a geography-related field.