Filing A Report

Filing A Report With CCSU

It is important to note that the processes of the Office for Equity & Inclusion (OEI) and the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities are separate from the police process. If you choose to file a report, you have the ability to file with the Department(s) of your choosing. The OVA can provide information on options and assist you in making reports.

Office for Equity & Inclusion

(All Reports)
Davidson Hall, Rm 119

Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities

(Reports Against Students)
Willard DiLoreto, Rm W105

CCSU Faculty, Staff, or Administrators

CCSU faculty, staff, or administrators who are made aware of a sexual assault involving a member of the CCSU community are REQUIRED to report it to the Title IX Coordinator in OEI, by completing an online reporting form, which is located on the CCSU's Office for Equity & Inclusion website.

Filing A Criminal Complaint

For on-campus incidents, call CCSU Police at (860) 832-2375. The CCSU Police or the OVA can provide guidance on the process of requesting an order for protection.

CCSU's Office of Victim Advocacy can assist in requesting reasonable accommodations, including changing academic, living, campus transportation or working situations.

If you, or someone you know, has experienced interpersonal violence, please know that there are individuals at CCSU and in the local community who are here to help.