Individual TLC Workshops

The Learning Center offers individual study skills workshops. In these interactive sessions, students work in small groups with an academic coach to learn and practice helpful learning strategies.

All workshops are (2) hours long and will cover academic goal setting, time management, mindset, and study strategies. Students can choose which session they would like to attend. The workshops are available to all students on a walk-in basis.

Workshop Objectives

  • Learn to calculate your GPA, set academic goals, and see how your projected grades will change your cumulative GPA.
  • Apply proven time management principles to your personal schedule in order to get organized, beat procrastination, and stay on track to reach your academic goals.
  • Understand how your mindset impacts learning, how to strengthen your brain, and how to use new learning strategies for academic success.

Academic Integrity Workshops

TLC also offers Academic Integrity Workshops. Faculty members may request an academic integrity workshop for their classes, refer a student for further information, or require a student to attend an academic integrity workshop as part of the intervention for being suspected of academic misconduct. Workshops can be run as individual or group sessions and generally run between 30 minutes and one hour.