Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Center

Due to the current health crisis, the center’s space is currently closed, but we are functioning online. Contact, or find us on MS Teams!

Find more information on the university’s Covid-19 guidelines in this link:

The Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Center’s [LALCC] promotes the understanding and the appreciation of the historical, social, and cultural life of Latin American and Caribbean societies and of Latinos in the United States through education, community events, study abroad, international exchange, community outreach and research. Because of the importance of the Latino community as one of the largest minority groups in the United States, the Center plays an important role in providing educational opportunities to Latino students, promoting Latino culture, and on maintaining a harmonious relationship with non-Latino cultures. The Center’s mission is consistent with the University’s mission of fostering diversity and global awareness.

As a result of the recent racist and homophobic acts on our campus, :

  • Strongly condemns and will always condemn any act of racism, homophobia, hate, and sexism.
  • Does not consider and will not consider these kind of actions as separate and isolated incidents that do not need our attention; we cannot be indifferent. These hateful acts will continue unless we all together raise our voices, stand together and fight tirelessly and firmly against them.

Join LALCC , Dr. Toro, CCSU students, faculty, and staff in making clear that racism, hate, homophobia, sexism, and any other actions diminishing any person or group do not have and will never have a place in Central Connecticut State University.



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