Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Center



The Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Center (LALCC) at Central Connecticut State University, promotes the understanding and the appreciation of the historical, social, and cultural life of Latin American and Spanish Speaking Caribbean societies and of Latinos in the United States.  LALCC sponsors research projects for faculty and students, community events, study abroad, international exchange, community outreach and student engagement and support.  The Center’s mission is consistent with the University’s mission of fostering diversity and global awareness.

What We Do

  1. Support, develop, and promote CCSU programs that celebrate and educate the CCSU community about the rich and complex history and culture of Puerto Rican, Latin American, and Hispanic people.
  2. Better understand the unique challenges Latino students face in the areas of academic achievement, income inequality, and health disparities.
  3. Mentor, engage, and support LALCC student-work projects, research, tutoring, and outreach with CCSU student organizations.
  4. Coordinate and organize campus cultural and language events that highlight the Latino community of Central Connecticut (film festivals, music and literature, publications/platforms).
  5. Engage in community outreach activities to Latin American and Spanish Speaking Caribbean communities in Central Connecticut, focusing especially on elementary, high school, and CCSU students and faculty.
  6. Nurture a network of mentoring relationships between Latino community, business, media, and alumni representatives and CCSU Latino students.

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