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Program Overview

The Middle East is the birthplace of ancient civilizations, which can be traced to more than 7000 B.C. It is the birthplace of the three great monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, on which the spirituality and the ethics of many people and countries are based. It occupies a strategic area in the world across Southwest Asia into North Africa. The countries of the Middle East are diverse in their climate, major languages (Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Turkish), population density, and lifestyles. Many of the countries in the Middle East have resources of great importance to the world. Most important of these are Oil and Natural Gas. Trade, Financial Services and Higher Education have also become areas of growth in the region. Recently, there have been fundamental changes in the political structure of several countries accompanied by democratic reforms and concomitant tensions that characterize the entire region as one in flux and exciting to explore from all perspectives.

Central Connecticut State University has interdisciplinary B.A. and M.S. programs in International Studies with regional specialization in Middle Eastern Studies. The program is designed to help students take advantage of varied job opportunities overseas, as well as with companies here, which are dealing with the Middle East. Also, there are jobs in the federal government. This field of study, when combined with other areas, gives the graduate great skills for employment.

CCSU provides courses taught abroad and study abroad opportunities for students to learn first-hand about Middle Eastern languages and culture. These unique experiences enhance students’ academic and professional development in their specialized area, while completing degree requirements.


Dr. Nanjundiah Sadanand
Department of Physics & Engineering Physics
Central Connecticut State University
1615 Stanley Street
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Phone: (860) 832-2942

Major in International Studies with a Concentration in Middle East Studies - 39 Credits

Minor in Middle East Studies - 18 Credits

Graduate (MS) in International Studies with a Specialization in Middle East Studies - 30 Credits

Undergraduate Student Contact Information

Brian Sommers
Professor, Department Chair
Geography, Anthropology, & Tourism
International Studies
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall

Graduate Student Contact Information

Paul Petterson
Political Science
International Studies
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall