Global Studies



Program Overview

Through processes of globalization and technological change, the world that we live in is shrinking. Increasingly, our local lives and communities are interconnected, through myriad global forces, to economic, social, cultural, political, and ecological processes that are changing all human societies and environments all over the world. In order to allow students interested in International Studies from the perspective on global topics and issues rather than narrower regional topics the chance to explore and specialize in a range of global issues, the International Studies Committee created programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Global Studies.

Students of Global Studies can focus on one of the following four sub-areas: Communication and Diversity in the Global Context; Energy, Resources, and Environment; Population, Mobility, and Development; Governance, Security, and Human Rights. Majors, minors, and graduate students in Global Studies develop a plan of study in consultation with a faculty advisor to address their interests and career goals. As with the other specializations in International Studies, the career paths are many and varied, including governmental, non-profit, and corporate opportunities. Finally, students in this concentration are also required to show proficiency in a relevant foreign language and are encouraged to study abroad.


Dr. Audra King
Department of Philosophy
Central Connecticut State University
1615 Stanley Street
New Britain, CT 06050
Phone: 860. 832.3677

Major in International Studies with a Concentration in Global Studies - 39 Credits

Minor in Global Studies - 18 Credits

Graduate (MS) in International Studies with a Concentration in Global Studies - 30 Credits


World Affairs Council of Connecticut
Center for International Education, CCSU

Undergraduate Student Contact Information

Brian Sommers
Professor, Department Chair
Geography, Anthropology, & Tourism
International Studies
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall

Graduate Student Contact Information

Paul Petterson
Political Science
International Studies
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall