Graduate Assistantships

A Graduate Assistantship is a paid part-time position offered to graduate students at Central. It's your chance to gain valuable, hands-on experience while contributing to the campus community.

As a Graduate Assistant, you'll work alongside faculty and staff in various roles, from research and teaching to administrative and creative projects..

What is a Graduate Assistantship?

  • Graduate assistantships allow well-qualified matriculated graduate students to participate in institutional activities academically relevant to the student’s program of study
  • Graduate assistantships are awarded to matriculated graduate students, with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Graduate assistants are expected to make a full-time commitment to graduate study.
  • Stipends, fee waivers, and scholarships for graduate assistants provide graduate students with financial assistance, enabling students with limited financial resources to undertake graduate study.
  • Full-time graduate assistants receive a fee waiver each semester that they are appointed as a graduate assistant. The waiver includes the State University Fee, the University General Fee, and the Student Activity Fee. Students pay for accident insurance.
  • Stipend amounts vary depending on individual departments, the scope of work the student performs, and whether they have a half- or full- assistantship.

GA Appointment Form

How do I search for & apply to Graduate Assistantships?

Graduate Assistantship positions are listed on Handshake, an online database that connects students and alumni to thousands of employers. Central Connecticut State University is listed as an employer.


  • Once on the Handshake webpage, log-In with your Central ID.
  • Apply for positions directly through Handshake. Follow the instructions on the position posting and send all required application documentation to the respective departmental personnel for review.


Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered:

  • Matriculated in a graduate program
  • Actively registered in a degree program
  • Maintaining a GPA of 3.00 or higher

Duties/Hours Required

  • Part-time GA positions work an average of 10 hrs/wk or 150 hrs/semester.
  • Full-time GA positions work an average of 20 hrs/wk or 300 hrs/semester.
  • Assignments begin the first week of each semester and continue through the end of the semester.

Graduate Studies Policy Regarding GA Positions

  • May not be employed by any other employment category of the university.
  • Full- and part-time Graduate Assistants should not be engaged in significant employment outside of the university.

For more information about graduate assistantships, see the Career Development website here.

Contact Information

John Day Tully
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
School of Graduate Studies
Willard-DiLoreto Hall
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School of Graduate Studies
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