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CCSU Institutional Policy for External Grant Proposal Submission: All grant applications or contracts which propose to use CCSU personnel, facilities (including computer facilities), or other resources, must be approved by an authorized University representative. Institutional officials will sign the title page of a grant application or contract proposal once a proposal is complete, has been reviewed by the Grants & Funded Research Office, and has been approved by the appropriate academic and administrative officials.

According to Board of Trustees Policy, those authorized to sign applications and proposals for external funding at CCSU are:

  • Zulma Toro, President
  • Kimberly Kostelis, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Lisa Bucher, Chief Budget and Compliance Officer

Please consult the External Grant Submission Process for clarification of the application process.

External Compliance

In addition to assisting the CCSU community in accessing internal funding for research and scholarly activities, Grants & Funded Research (GFR) also is charged with ensuring that research conducted under the auspices of CCSU is done so in compliance with federal, sponsor-defined, and institutional regulations.

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