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Contact Information

Memorial Hall - North Entrance

James Mulrooney
Interim Dean
School of Education & Professional Studies

Tina Rivera
Associate Director of IT Strategic Initiatives and Projects


Room is reserved for events through the Central Reservations Office in the Student Center.

Hours of Operation:

Spring 2022 Hours
Monday - 11am-10pm
Tuesday - 11am - 10pm
Wednesday - 11am - 10pm
Thursday - 11am - 11:15pm
Friday - 11am - 10pm
Saturday - 12pm - 6pm
Sunday - Closed

Super Smash Bros.

A Team

Samuel Baker

Gamer Handle: GreenBolt

Tyler Dellafera

Gamer Handle: Chair

Seán Keane

Gamer Handle: Mr_Woag
Twitch: MrWoag

Nathan Schuster

Gamer Handle: natej64

Neal Diblase

Brian Rivera-Royal

Gamer Handle: Professor_Oblivious
Twitch: Oblivious_shake

B Team

(Captain) Ivy Foerster

Gamer Handle: Ivy

Ryan DeLayo

Gamer Handle: DeLay

Brett Hunter

Gamer Handle: Gryphon

Sam Pappas

Gamer Handle: Magic Spammer

Tyler Mulligan

Gamer Handle: Mayhem 

2021 Spring Semester Power Rankings

2021 Spring Semester Power Rankings