Internship Application

Course Number ENG 495
Credit Hours: 3.0

Internships count as an elective for the English Major, the Creative Writing Minor and the Minor in Writing.

DEADLINE: English Majors and Writing Minors should complete this application no later than the early registration period for each given term, so by late-October in Fall 2018 for a Spring 2019 internship, for example.

CREDIT: Interns earn 3.0 credit hours, which will appear as ENG 495 on their course listings.

EXPECTATIONS: Interns will be expected to devote 10 to 12 hours a week to the internship, which usually includes some time on location at the partnering organization, but the ratio of off and on-site work can be worked out on a case-by-case basis. Students will also meet with Professor Collins one-on-one, one hour each week and be expected to attend several career-related events during the term, such as a career fair or a conference in a professional field such as publishing. Interns submit weekly written reports to the onsite supervisor and to Professor Collins and maintain a portfolio of their work, which they submit at the close of the term. Interns are graded.

APPLICATION PROCESS: In general, Professor Collins accepts applications from students interested in an internship then meets one-on-one with each applicant to assess what might make a good match in terms of a partnering organization. Students can also identify an organization they want to intern with on their own, but they still need to receive approval for the matchup from Professor Collins if they want to earn course credit.

Since Professor Collins is limited to supervising three interns per term, the English Department cannot always place all students that apply. Often students may not be ready for an internship yet and will receive advice on the next best steps to take to fill gaps in their application. Many of the partnering organizations receive applications from other colleges and universities so the English Department wants to be certain that CCSU applicants are competitive. Our placement rate is nearly 100 percent in the last three years.

Please don’t hesitate to swing by Professor Collins’ office at Carroll Hall Room 345 or to email her with questions.

Complete the application below: