About The Department


About the Department

The Department of Earth and Space Sciences at Central Connecticut State University is a dynamic, growing department that offers students a wide range of opportunities to explore the Earth, other planets, and the stars. Since the founding of the department in 2014, we have developed a cohesive learning community through small lab-based courses and student-led social groups that supports our majors throughout their time at Central. Our faculty emphasize problem solving, practical application of basic principles, hands-on field and lab-based experience, and an understanding of the operation of natural processes on the Earth, in the solar system and throughout the universe.

We encourage all our students to participate in professional activities, including attending meetings of organizations such as the Geological Society of Connecticut or the New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference. Our student-led Geology and Planetary Science Club coordinates and helps to fund student attendance each year at meetings of the Geological Society of America. Many of our students have obtained internships with local environmental consulting firms and state agencies, as well as with NASA. Each year several of our students are awarded grants and scholarships to help support their education.

After graduation, most of our students transition quickly to either jobs in southern New England or to fully-funded graduate study at universities across the country. Our alumni have been successful in finding employment within multiple career tracks, including environmental consulting, government agencies, and teaching.

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