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Communication Department Internships

Internships provided through the Communication Department at CCSU are available to majors and minors who have completed six credits or more in their area of study. Such areas include public relations, organizational communication, mass media, media production and performance, and political communication.

Internships are usually worth three credits. Students may complete two internships for credit, but these internships need to take place in two different semesters or sessions. A second internship at the same site must focus on a different activity (i.e. TV station: first internship in production; second internship in media relations). 

Each semester hour of credit should equate to five hours of work at the internship each week (a three-credit internship requires 15 hours of work each week and about 180 to 200 hours of work in total). Summer internships may have a more flexible schedule as long as the 180-hour requirement is met. Internship students will meet with the internship coordinator for five classes during the semester or session with days and times to be announced.

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Internship Contact:

Dr. Yeojin Kim
Vance Academic Center, Room 3170400