Chemistry Club

Chemistry Club

The CCSU Chemistry Club is run and directed entirely by the undergraduate students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Join Us on Facebook!

All students with an interest in chemistry or biochemistry are welcome to join the club. It meets weekly on Tuesdays at 3:30 in the chemistry conference room (NC409).

For more information email the chemistry club officers as listed below. To join chemistry club, please sign up via collegiate link.


The chemistry club provides free tutors for 200 level chemistry classes as part of its volenteer service to the university. For an updated schedule, check in NC409 or the department office (NC440). General chemistry is not covered by chemistry club.

Students needing additional help or more flexible hours can hire students for private tutoring. Contact the Chemistry Club for additional details.

American Chemical Society Meeting

Every year, several students from the Chemistry club present their research at the annual ACS meeting. If you would like to attend the meeting with financial help from Chemistry Club, you must meet the minimum contribution requirements.