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Billing Information

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Registered students are billed in June with payment due July 15th for the Fall term, and in November with payment due December 15th for the Spring term. Incoming and continuing students registering after these dates will be billed once course registration has been performed. Payment for Summer and Winter terms are due at the time of registration.

Students who do not pay their bills by the due date may be subject to penalties and loss of University privileges/services including:

  • Withholding of University services, course registration, transcripts of grades or other official papers 
  • Prevention of re-admission until unpaid financial obligation and re-registration fee are paid in full 
  • Cancellation of on-campus housing
  • Denial of future course registration
  • Cancellation of all classes in which you were previously enrolled
    • Re-registration into those classes is not guaranteed
    • will be on a course availability basis only, and
    • subject to a $100 non-refundable Re-registration Fee
  • $50.00 Late Fee
  • Revocation of student status
  • Referral of the unpaid financial obligation to the University's contracted collection agency. The student would be responsible for any related collection costs in addition to the amount due

QUESTIONS about fees or your billing statement should be directed to the Bursar's Office,, 860.832.2010. Bursar Fax is 860.832.2173. Inquiries regarding financial aid should be directed to the Financial Aid Office, 860.832.2200. Information relative to Residence Life, please call 860.832.1660.

  1. FINANCIAL AID CREDIT - Recipients of CCSU administered financial aid awards will note that the Billing Statement shows an anticipated CREDIT against charges. GRANTS awarded by the Financial Aid Office are based on a student registering for 12 academic credits to get 100% of the award. Fewer than 12 credits will result in a PRO-RATED grant award. Those whose aid is insufficient to cover all charges must pay any balance by the due date. Aid in excess of that needed for the billed charges will be refunded after the term begins. Students awarded aid by the Financial Aid Office are cautioned that, if awards, for which payment of fees has been deferred, are cancelled/decreased, the student remains liable to the University for any indebtedness. 

    ALTERNATIVE LOANS are available. You MUST contact the Financial Aid Office for application procedures. Once the loan process is COMPLETED, and the loan is APPROVED, a credit of the approved amount will be applied to your charges. When the loan is disbursed, the actual amount received will be paid to your charges and any remaining amount owed will be the responsibility of the student.

  2. SCHOLARSHIPS - Students are eligible to receive either the Merit-based Admissions Scholarship Award(s) offered in your Acceptance Letter, or one of the following: the Johnny Floyd Scholarship, an Honors Scholarship, full Athletic Scholarship or a  CCSU Foundation full tuition scholarship sponsored by a corporate sponsor. If you are awarded the Johnny Floyd Scholarship, an Honors Scholarship, full Athletic Scholarship or a  CCSU Foundation full tuition scholarship sponsored by a corporate sponsor after you have been awarded a Merit Based Admissions Scholarship in your Acceptance Letter, the University will assume that you have elected to retain only the scholarship with the highest value, unless you notify the University otherwise within 15 days of receipt of the second scholarship. Students awaiting receipt of funds from private scholarship(s) may receive credit by providing a copy of the donor's award letter to the Financial Aid Office. Students given credit for anticipated scholarships, and whose donors send scholarship checks directly to them, are responsible for ensuring that the Financial Aid Office receives the proceeds in a timely manner to pay off the credit. 

  3. CENTRAL Payment Plan (CPP) - Enroll in an installment payment plan for the term's current balance online through CentralPipeline for Students. From the Home tab, click on the eBill/Make Payment link. Under Student Account, click on the Enroll in Payment Plan button. Contact the Bursar's Office at or 860.832.2010 with questions. 

  4. ROOM / MEALS - Cancellation by the Housing Office of a student's room assignment results when any amount for room charges is unpaid after the due date. Meal plan participation is REQUIRED of all students in the residence halls. The University makes every effort to see that meal plan students' general needs are met but special dietary requests can't always be satisfied. Residence Life phone number is 860.832.1660. If the billed meal plan is not the one that you want, make another selection prior to the start of the term and notify Residence Life. Have a question about the Meal Plan?  Click here: Meal Plan Questions

  5. Payment Methods -

    1. CREDIT CARD / eCheck - Discover, Master Card, Visa, American Express and eCheck are accepted for billed charges. Students paying by these methods should use the secure website available through CentralPipeline for Students. Use of credit or debit cards will incur a 2.85% or $3 minimum service fee. Use of eChecks will incur no fees.

    2. CHECK - made payable to CCSU, is to be sent to PO Box 4010, attn: Bursar's Office, New Britain, CT 06050-4010. The check should contain the students' name and ID#. 

      The cancelled check is your receipt. 

      Checks and eChecks returned to CCSU by maker's bank as uncollectible will 

      1. Result in a $20 service charge

      2. Cause forfeiture of personal check submission privilege. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Payments will not be accepted over the telephone. 

  6. BLUE CHIP debit account (optional) - Funds placed on account by student are accessed by CCSU student ID for purchase at various on and off campus locations. Contact the Card Office at 860.832.2140 for more details. You may ADD Blue Chip directly to your charges on CentralPipeline, with electronic payment required at that time. 

    If you are a matriculated student and wish to use excess financial aid not yet disbursed for the purchase of textbooks at the CCSU Campus Bookstore, up to $800/term may be transferred to your Blue Chip card by completing a form and returning it to the Bursar's Office.